Flexible & Printed Laminated Packaging

We are one of the leading providers of laminated packaging services and have been serving clients since 1933.

We are a creative team with vast experience printing laminated packaging. Having operated for an extended period, we have robust knowledge in the industry and can custom-design the packaging to fit your business needs. What’s more, our specialists are committed to understanding every customer’s needs or flexible packaging.

Our company has all the resources we need to laminate substrates to your desired specifications. We are well known printers and suppliers of rolls using various substrates. The construction and weights for different items like packets, envelopes, pouches, and sticks differ. Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction; therefore, we strive to produce excellent printing and packaging.


Laminated films have been used in food packaging for the longest time due to their numerous features. Below we have highlighted some of the desirable characteristics of these packaging:

  • They have excellent barrier qualities against deteriorating agents like light, oxygen, and moisture. They also prevent products from losing freshness and aroma.

  • They have excellent mechanical properties. The materials are strong and protect packaged materials during storage and distribution.

  • The packaging can be sealed tightly.

  • The laminated flexible packaging also allow for customization

  • Production of the packaging creates fewer greenhouse emissions.

Our Laminated Specifications

Some of the substrates or films we use during production are:

  • Paper / Poly

  • Metalized Polyester

  • Polyester / Foil

  • Paper / Metalized Oriented Polypropylene

  • Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)

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Our company can handle all project types, whether they are small or bulk. We can take orders ranging from 25,000 to 20,000,000 prints. Before we start production, we ensure all substrates for food packaging are approved. Additionally, our standard delivery time is ten business days depending on the material and film availability.

You can use our printed rolls and films to manufacture the following packages:

Our Printing Options

We use various laminating techniques that suit your requirements to produce the highest quality flexible packaging. These include silk, matt, and gloss lamination. Lamination offers numerous benefits, including wear and tear resistance and durable packaging. Each lamination process has its pros and cons that make the selection process easier. When we use silk lamination, we make packaging that is stronger, more resilient, and have superior quality. On the other hand, matt lamination gives your packaging a sophisticated finish. Gross lamination printing offers more durable products.

If you are looking for laminated packaging services, we can assist you in getting exceptional products. Call us to get cost estimates and order packaging from our company.

Our laminated Packaging Projects

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