North America’s Premier Supplier & Printer Of Flexible Packaging Materials for the Food Industry

North America’s Premier Supplier & Printer Of Flexible Packaging Materials for the Food Industry

Who We Are

Landry Flexible Packaging is a valuable supplier of consistent and sustainable packaging. We are specialized in supplying, printing, and converting flexible packaging. Our products are mostly for the food industry in North America.

Everywhere in Canada and the United States, we provide customers of numerous sizes with flexible products. The relationship we build together is of the most importance to us. We aim to treat you with attention and respect.

Our in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, their product application requirements and our efficient method to produce top quality printing are what make Landry stand out from our competition

Jean Landry

Our Products

Our printed and laminated films are used for sachets, 3-side seals, pillow packs, fin seals, lap seal, stick packs, horizontal flow wraps, vertical flow wrap, liddings, coffee bags and pouches.

Rollstock Packaging
Jean Landry
  • Custom Printed Rollstock
  • High Quality Products
  • Outstanding Graphics
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Cost-Efficient Packaging
Laminated Packaging
Jean Landry
  • They have excellent barrier qualities against deteriorating agents like light, oxygen, and moisture. They also prevent products from losing freshness and aroma.
  • They have excellent mechanical properties. The materials are strong and protect packaged materials during storage and distribution.
  • The packaging can be sealed tightly.
  • The laminated flexible packaging also allow for customization.
  • Production of the packaging creates fewer greenhouse emissions.

What Our Packaging Offers:

Landry Flexible Packaging offers all benefits from a flexible way to pack.

We will help you decide on the proper film for your products. Paper: NK, BK, BMG, C1S, paper/poly, paper/poly/foil/poly (PPFP), metalized Polyester (MPET)/poly, polyester/poly/foil/poly, paper/poly/metalised polyester (MPET)/poly, paper/poly/metalized oriented polypropylene (MOPP) and oriented polypropylene (OPP). We print on a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material.

As a partner, we obviously think of what you need. Your products will be custom printed. As the market’s food industry evolves, your product will satisfy all your clients. Stay at the top of your position by selling better looking products thanks to our quick and easy way to custom print your packaging. The materials we choose are even convenient for food beverage.

Our flexible and innovative packaging maintains the freshness and allows visibility of the packaged product if you wish. It also extends the shelf life of food products.

For the environment, and your brand identity

Our packaging is easily transported and stored. It creates less commercial waste, fewer emissions and use less energy. It eventually creates less consumer waste that is sent to landfill.

The material we use requires less energy to manufacture and transport, and generates smaller amounts of greenhouse gases in the marketplace.

You can have a concrete and significantly positive sustainable profile.

Choose efficiency and control with your way to pack

Landry, as your supplier, will partner with your needs and requirements.

What make us different in the packaging industry

All our films are FDA approved for use with food packaging. all our suppliers are chosen and approved by us following the FSSC-22000 standards.

We consistently work to innovate and to assure that our final products will make a difference on the store shelves. Our customer service will take you through all the steps, form proofs, specifications and approvals.

What makes you different with your new and future flexible packaging

Form, fill and seal without limit and control the entire design process for the perfect result.

There’s no limit with our printed products

Be creative. Be innovative. Be Practical. Be colorful.

Services that matches your need

You have the possibility to exchange with our intern team about all the production of your specific flexpack packaging.

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Division of Jean Landry & Company Ltée